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Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Tale of Maggie

          Every family has its historian, or storyteller. They collect memories like others collect material things. They retell the remembrance to anyone who will listen--sharing timeless events with every new generation. You are a lucky family indeed if they write the stories down, and even more fortunate if they awaken a natural-born storyteller in the next generation.

          Anyone can tell the stories that matter. Anyone can be a writer. First, decide what matters to you. Second, write it down.

          At the Harvest Fest in downtown Calhoun yesterday, I met a young writer from the next generation. I was helping at our booth for the Calhoun Area Writers and asked her if she would like to write a story. It took her mere seconds to think of something important in her life to write about. May I introduce you to Whitney and her story, The Tale of Maggie.

           One day we were coming home from church, and my mom saw little eyes on the road. She turned around, and it had already crossed the road once.

          It was raining.
          The kitty was drowning in the rain.
          We rescued her! We named her Maggie.

          Eight months later she is pampered sitting on the couch.


        Obviously, Maggie is one lucky cat. Keep telling those stories, Whitney, and write them down. One day you might be signing your name inside the flap of a book, and encouraging the next generation to tell their stories.    

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