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Sunday, August 23, 2015

"A HOUSE MADE OF STARS" by Tawnysha Greene

     I met Tawnysha Greene when she read from her new book, "A HOUSE MADE OF STARS", to the Calhoun Area Writers group at our monthly meeting on Friday, August 21. She read to us in a soft-spoken, mild voice, which was representative of the narrator of her book. I was instantly intrigued by the story of how two young sisters, afflicted with hearing impairments, and their mother deal with their father's fragile condition.

     I couldn't put the book down! Once I was pulled into their chaotic world, I could not leave them alone. I put the book down throughout the day today to rush around and complete a household chore here and there, taking the characters with me as I worked.

     It has been suggested in so many criminal events in the news these days that the source of the problems may be linked to mental disorders. Ms. Greene's book is a timely, and necessary, in-depth look into the life of a family badly affected by a tortured soul.

     My recommendation is to read this book when you have time to complete it. I plan to read it many times. There were many poignant scenes of triumph and defeat all in the same moment.

     The book can be purchased at, and you can read more about the author on her website at

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